Founder Secretary

Message From Founder Secretary

Dr.(Mrs.)Sunanda Navale

You won't be denied

We have seen an unthinkable growth in institutions all around us. We just happen to be a trend-setter. As we set the ball rolling, many joined even unawares that they were helping our mission. In a world which is seeing unprecedented changes and evolution, trends are created everyday. We keep up to our commitment of being the leader.

After all what is the premise of all education? Building a person to be the best he can. Making him achieve his full potential and helping him integrate with the world around him. And while doing this, we create leaders. Look around yourself. You would have met seen or interacted with at least one of our alumnus. These young minds that come here with dreamy eyes, walk out with confidence and humility. With a passion to achieve his / her true calling.

At Sinhgad our focus on attitude along with aptitude creates magical results. Unlike most institutions which factor only for scholastic aptitude, we nurture, yes nurture our pupil with a holistic focus. It is just a difference in approach, and one that we are proud of. We see a potential leader in every human life whereas others classify. We nurture every child at whatever stage of learning they are in to be what their true potential is. This happens only when we have respect for each of you. We treat every mind with the respect that is deserving of one who is to achieve greatness.

Our pedagogy would keep adapting to the needs of the hour, but our approach of care and concern shall always be at the nucleus of our system.

Each life is a heavenly dream, we assure you, dreams are not denied, and we will walk with you, whatever it takes.

Nurturingly yours

Dr. (Mrs.) Sunanda Navale
Founder Secretary, Sinhgad Institutes