Parenting Tips
  • Parents need to teach values to the students.
  • Training of cleanliness discipline toilet habits, study habits should be imparted at an early age.
  • Junk food should be avoided, “Always remember healthy mind rest in healthy body”
  • Teach child to express his feelings anger, joy, sadness and frustration in an acceptable manner.
  • Be involved in child’s life physically and mentally.
  • Foster the child’s independence.
  • Be consistent in your behavior, avoid harsh discipline and punishment.
  • Don’t label the child and bribe them.
  • Reading of books beyond their curriculum will give the child, knowledge of the things going around and increase the language skills.
  • At least once in a month make it a point to meet the class teacher.
  • Extra activities rather than academics like sports, dance will not only refresh the child but help the child’s overall development
  • Everyday love and hug your child, which will make the child feel secure.
  • Never compare your child’s behavior, studies etc with other child. As each child is special in its own way.
  • Do not hit or use slang language as you are the ideal / model for your child.
  • Allow children to spend time with their grandparents as they learn moral values through them.
  • Give equal importance to educational, social and emotional development of your child.
  • Converse in english at home
  • Control the use of T.V. for entertainment, encourage the child to listen and observe the educational informative programmes instead.
  • Nurture a strong ambition of excelling in the study.
  • Always remember: - Children are not vessels to be filled but lamps to be lit !
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