History of Sinhgad Institutes

History of Sinhgad Institutes

" Seeing is Believing "

In 1993 Prof. M. N. Navale an Entrepreneur with unmatched foresight & vision, laid the foundation stone of Sinhgad Institutes. He took over a Polytechnic Institute (Sou Venutai Chavan Polytechnic) which was not doing so well and transformed it into a class of its own. Alongside he started one division of MBA under Sinhgad Institute of Management & then there was no stopping. In a short span of two decades had ten divisions of MBA. Sinhgad Institutes soon became a massive far flung Educational Network with a distinct presence in and around Pune, including Navi Mumbai, Solapur and Maharashtra in General. As of now, it has 107 plus Institutes and around 70,000 students pursuing various education programmes from K.G. to Ph.D.

The many Schools of Sinhgad Institutes have become a brand in themselves with stunning facilities and thousands of pupils. Every campus has a school or two to its credit. Most of them run the CBSE programme while the others that of the state Government. The Pickup and drop facility is a winning feature of the school management.

The Sinhgad group of learning Organisations, have generated initiatives and thought leaders who have shaped the learning minds into capable business leaders by way of its core values of positive contribution to the good of the society. The class rooms become a testing ground, for skills acquired and filter the viable into toughest competencies that can last for a life time.

The founder’s vision of imparting value base quality education in all the spheres of higher learning, has become a palpable reality. The Educational courses range from the basic to the most advanced and demanding. It covers disciplines like Pure Sciences and applied, Architecture, Medicine, Law, Engineering, Pharmacy, Dental, BBA and the like.

An ambitious project of Medical College with a 500 bedded capacity Hospital, in the name of Prof Navale’s mother “Kashibai Navale” is fully functional. It is duly recognized by the Medical Council of India & affiliated to the Pune University.It is dispensing quality treatment to all for free.

Sinhgad Institutes also have a select array of vocational courses like Nursing, Hospitality and Aviation, Gemology to name a few.

Sinhgad Institutes are spread over 12 fully equipped sprawling, aesthetically landscaped campuses.

Every constituent Institute of the Sinhgad Institutes Education conglomerate is a competitive independent entity and yet connected, having an Event Calendar of its own.

Intensive planning of Initiatives is ongoing to make the Sinhgad Institutes, an incomparable force to reckon with.