Diversity At Sinhgad Institutes

" Strength lies in Diversity "

Sinhgad Insitutes have consciously cultivated a culture of tolerance. It embraces diverse cultures into its fold, with an intention of becoming a global Organisation. This is in sync with its objective to be all-inclusive. The guidelines, in keeping with the beliefs of Sinhgad Institutes manifest a culture that is characterised by emphasis on equality and Humane orientation.

The Sinhgad Conglomerate has a pronounced mechanism and ability to manage multiculturalism and diversity. The large diverse population of students drawn from all over the world are extremely comfortable at the various Institutes of Sinhgad and are well looked after in all aspects. Their major festivals are commonly celebrated and special events are coordinated for talent expression. This diversity has brought in a host of Benefits that are mutually shared.

Sinhgad Institutes are committed to make its multicultural dimension not only performance oriented but also set it up as an exclusive benchmark in Human relations.

Diversity at Sinhgad Institutes

" More than 1000 foreign nationals from more than 38 countries "