Resources & Facilities

" Good education accompanied with good environment "

Creating World Class Infrastructure has always been a top priority for the founder President Prof. M. N. Navale. He just knew that planned Infrastructure can be a winning feature. So on the facilities aspect It is a'You name it, you have it'.

One can avail of the latest and the best when it comes to Academic Resources


All the campuses are Wi-Fi enabled. These Wi-Fi campuses are carefully and thoughtfully designed to align with world norms. Keeping in mind that the internet is the need of the hour, its upkeep is closely monitored.

Central Libraries

Every institute has a recourse to an independent library. There is also an impressively equipped Central Library with encyclopedic collections, references & text books, wide range of periodicals & journals of national & international standing. A well-lit spacious hall open till late evening to facilitate convenience for learning.


Seminars, Conferences, Symposiums are an integral part of all curriculum at Sinhgad Institutes. The conference halls, Seminal Halls and Auditoriums spell architectural finesse and are absolutely state-of-the-art.These are equipped with Hi-tech audio-video gadgets and are designed for massive seating capacity for a host of functions and events that are conducted periodically.

Language Laboratories

Communication skills and command over language is a crucial expectation. To take care of this important requirement, several stylised language labs have been set up as part of the learning infrastructure on various campuses. Relevant soft wares have been installed to ensure functional command over spoken English as a Lingua Franca. The software by way of Interactive media and inbuilt multilingual programming can be used for learning the spoken prosodic features of other foreign languages as well.

There are throngs of people at Sinhgad Institutes from outside Pune, who would naturally have Accommodation priority as their major concern shared by their parents too. Anticipating this need Sinhgad Institutes have in place, at vantage points, several Hostels, Boarding facilities and Residential Quarters.

Hostels are built to answer the modern day requirements. Each spacious, well lit room has bath cum toilet, accommodating three students each. The rooms are well connected with incoming telephone call facility. There is also a separate wing with all amenities of global standard exclusively available for foreign students. The rooms in this wing have additional facilities for cooking and washing as well.


Health consciousness is high on Sinhgad Institutes agenda, so clean, Hygienic quality food is served at subsidized rates to students and available at several locations on all campuses. Common mess hall along with a separate mess exclusively for girls is present. There is a separate mess offering non-vegetarian food for those want it. There are several other food outlets too.

Residential Quarters

A notable feature of all Sinhgad Institutes campuses are the specially architectured residential quarters, providing accommodation to several Heads of Institutes, faculty and other supporting staff members. This has been a strategic decision, planned to save the commuting time of the faculty and also to ensure availability and accessibility for timely guidance and expertise.

On the personal and social fronts specific needs are satisfactorily catered to by various facilities present like Banking & health care & beauty saloons. Sinhgad Institutes have banking facilities through conveniently located extension counters of various banks with ATMs facilitating easy financial transactions to the users on campus. On the Health front and personal care, Campus Clinic where trained Medical staff is available to provide routine medical services and first aid treatment. STES has also arrangements worked out with its own hospital and other reputed ones in the city for any emergency requirement. There are separate Beauty Parlors' for Men & Women to heed their grooming needs.

Yet another facility in the category of essential service is – Accessibility and Transport : This commuting ease and connectivity renders Sinhgad Institutes campuses within the commuters reach and assures convenience at all times to all points roping in the Pune Municipal Corporations transport modes as well.


Range of shops on campus, answer the stationary and the like requirements in as easy a manner as possible. To take care of community entertainment needs there is a lavish Open theatre lined with hassle fee eatery joints which promise not only entertainment but also relaxation as well. This, along with, well-mowed, lush green lawns is an enviable feature of the campus ambience.

There are several snack centers to quench the thirst of students but also to pamper their taste buds without compromising on health conditions. Other essential service facilities include – Medical stores, Laundry and round the clock security arrangements to ensure safety as well.

Every desired facility on the wish list could get gradually added on as and when required or possible.