OUR Administrators

  • Prof. M. N. Navale

    Founder, President, Sinhgad Institutes.
    ME (Elect.), MIE (I), MBA,

    At Sinhgad Institutes, as a premier teaching institute, it is our endeavour to encourage students in pursuit of knowledge that brings about complete, overall development as an individual.

    For near about twenty years, Sinhgad Institutes has distinguished itself as Pune’s icon, as an institute renowned for outstanding students, professors and alumni, for achievement in teaching and research, and for its distinctive character and reach.

    We realize that in today’s world, it is more vital than ever before that students graduate with an education that will prepare them for life-long learning and global citizenship.

    At Sinhgad Institutes, we make every effort to be a learner centred educational institution which recognizes that our students are purposeful and driven, bringing with them their own experiences into the learning process and are offered an opportunity to engage with their educators in knowledge production. An open attitude to reality, ready to receive, ready to engage and able to mould, create and transform, is what we Sinhgad Institutes is known for.

    I welcome you to Sinhgad Institutes community and to new and challenging stage in your educational career.

  • Dr. (Mrs.) Sunanda M. Navale

    Founder Secretary, Sinhgad Institutes.
    B.A., M.P.M., Ph.D.

    Sinhgad Institutes shares with you the vision of providing the best, high premium and quality education. This is manifested not only in our strive for academic excellence and high quality of student life but also in our recognition that Sinhgad Institutes is, in a sense, the trustee of a quality future.

    Sinhgad Institutes in a span of over twenty years has built an excellent reputation by being innovative in its approach to academic deliverables. The college faculties, a highly motivated and dedicated team, have ensured that course developments match student requirements and emerging professional trends through continuous innovation.

    We hope that at Sinhgad Institutes you will find a comprehensive range of courses that will provide many rewarding opportunities for educational and career progression. Complementing academics, the college provides a supportive learning environment in which students can achieve their personal, educational, and career goals.

    A warm welcome to Sinhgad Institutes.

  • Mr. Rohit M. Navale

    Vice President (HR), Sinhgad Institutes.
    B.E.(Mech.)(Coventry, UK)

    “Education comes from living life, following passions, accessing information, observing, reflecting, and being inspired by wise and courageous elders in the community”

    The purpose of education is to flow through the right channel and to surge ahead to the high level of education of progressive to produce the academician, humans and sensitive citizens with vision.

    Our teachers are qualified, knowledgeable, thereby bringing out the best in all themselves and their students. We identify our students in classical as well as contemporary models of learning while giving them a solid foundation in education.

    We ensure that students walking through the doors of Sinhgad College are assured of education that opens their mind in a positive direction, eventually to lead lives that are fruitful, and to fulfill the hopes of tomorrow.

    Sinhgad Institutes create a culture of learning where students are encouraged to embark on different challenging journey that reach the pinnacles of the knowledge and achievability for the students.

  • Mrs. Rachana Navale-Ashtekar

    Vice President (Admin.), Sinhgad Institutes.
    B.E.(Comp.), M.S.(Comp.Security)(John Hopkins University,US)

    We realize that education is fundamental for complete development of an individual. As one of the leading teaching institute, we at Sinhgad Institutes endeavor to harness this inherent potential through meeting the growing needs of higher technical education. As we grow, we expand new technologies, methodologies, disciplines, resources and even attitudes. To achieve this, Sinhgad Institutes will ensure the highest quality of faculty, resources and infrastructure.

    A systematically developed and neatly maintained education system provides every facility to students and the best atmosphere to study and build up his/her career. Well qualified and experienced faculty members impart the knowledge to students devotedly and whole heartedly. The Sinhgad Institute will always provide the environment for the development of student leading to the excellence in education. It will also empower the students to become an excellent professional, mature and responsible citizen.

    Welcome to Sinhgad Institutes.