Principal’s Desk

Sinhgad College of Arts, Science & Commerce (Junior College) defining strengths continues to be its unwavering commitment to excellence and a willingness to be judged by the highest standards in education , and by these standards, has excelled far beyond any reasonable expectations.

Junior College is superbly positioned to do ever better in fulfilling its mission to advance knowledge through innovative teaching. The best of faculty minds nurture and groom the students with the knowledge and resources they need to develop and excel. Academic results go to prove the efforts put in by the faculty and justified by our students.

For our students, who are at the core of all that we do, Junior College is more than an excellent education. It is a critical time of personal and intellectual discovery, growth, and one that helps shape their understanding of the world. It is essential that our students take full advantage of their time at Junior College.

There is no greater cause in this world than the advancement of education and knowledge. Junior College makes a distinctive and critical difference in today's world through its education, approach and by educating leaders for tomorrow.

Sinhgad Institutes is an outstanding institution, becoming even better. I welcome you, to explore experiment and discover! Take the legacy of what you have learnt at Junior College, carry with you into the future, and help transform the world!