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Principal's Desk

Dear Parents,

Our institution, within a very short span of time, has established itself as a premier institution. The institution has emerged as to be known for its emphasis on Quality Education, which helps the students to shape their individual talents and make them ready to face tough challenges with ability, aspiration and assertiveness in judicious mix with constantly recharged soul energy, inner confidence and deep faith.

As you are aware, a new wave of knowledge era knocks at the dawn of the 21st century. World economics will be scaled in terms of richness of skills in quality, variety and numbers. Our teaching pattern enables the students, enriching knowledge and skills in order to compete globally. In today’s world, excellence and endurance are two key factors.

But this is not enough. Complacency would not do. The students need to work tougher to ensure that each one of them get the same kind of result.

The institution sees to it, that it continues to strive further to promote quality, competence and commitment. Each student is expected to join the venture and give the best of results.

Therefore, every child is encouraged to explore his or her true potential within a stimulating atmosphere that sparks exploration and creativity. Experienced and knowledgeable teachers help unlock each child’s hidden potential and foster growth, while a versatile curriculum proffers a balanced blend of academic and experiential learning providing the elements that reinforces the larger objective of providing a well-rounded and holistic education.

Mrs. Monika Gupta

Admissions : Qualifying Age

  • Under the RTE act we have 25% seats reserved for Mini KG.

Admission Procedure

  • Purchase of the prospectus and admission form from the school office.
  • There would be a school visit for every child seeking admission along with the parents.
  • The admission of the child would be determined on the basis of the observations during the school visit.
  • Checking of the Admission list from the School Notice Board as per the given schedule.
  • Payment of fees as per the given fee structure in the form of a Demand Draft drawn in favour of “SINHGAD SPRING DALE PUBLIC SCHOOL (DAY)”.
  • Admission will be confirmed only after the payment of the relevant fees and completion of all the office procedure.
  • The decision of the school is final regarding the admission.
  • The Bus fees will be according to the Bus – stop of the student. [ The details of the same can be found in the Bus Details link.]
  • The Bus fees should also be paid in the form a Demand Draft drawn in favour of “SINHGAD SPRING DALE PUBLIC SCHOOL (DAY)”

Admission : Documents required

  • Admission form
  • One photograph
  • Original birth certificate for verification
  • Photocopy of birth certificate
  • Medical fitness certificate from any registered practitioner

Admission : Fee Structure

Particulars Amount
Admission Fees 1,500
Tuition Fees (Yearly) 13,000
Term Fees 4,000
Other Fees 6,500
Grand Total 25,000
Refundable Deposit 20,000


  • Various competitions for children- 100% participation
  • Sports Day for all the children
  • Annual gathering – 100% participation
  • Music sessions
  • Story time
  • Starch play
  • Celebrations of all festivals


  • Well ventilated classroom
  • Well lit classrooms
  • Wooden tables and chairs for the children
  • Durries to sit on the floor during certain activities like craft
  • Green glass boards
  • Toilet facility attached to the classroom
  • Aqua guard installed for drinking water with water cooler
  • Well equipped library
  • Playground  with play area with swings, slides, see-saw, etc
  • Doctor on campus to administer first aid
  • Health check-up for all children once a year by doctors
  • Bus facility  - teachers travel by bus along with the children which ensures the safety of all the children – fire extinguisher and first aid box in every bus
  • Counsellor for the children

Contact Us

Direct Line Numbers
  • School Office : 020 – 24357065
  • Day School Headmistress Office : 020 – 24357066
Please Dial : 020 – 24100000 , followed by the relevant extension(below mentioned).
  • School Office : 613
  • Pre – primary section Headmistress Office : 925
  • Principal’s Cabin : 738

Email Address


Close academics

Combination of Montessori and Play-way is adopted to teach the children. – usage of story books, teaching aids, charts and actual first hand experience is also given , experiments are shown

Close academics


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Close academics

Name of the Employee Qualification Date of
Total Experience
1 Mrs. Sushma U. Dadke MA, B.Ed, PPTTC,MPM (1 yrs) 01-06-2010 6
2 Mrs. Pranali S. Kale B.Com, DBM, PPTTC,MBS(1 Year) 01-06-2010 6
3 Mrs. Sangeeta G.Tripathy MA, , MTC (1 Year) 07-06-2001 15
4 Mrs. Priyada S.Shah B.Hsc 01-06-2010 6
5 Ms. Tejaswini Adhav B.Hsc,  PPTTC, B.Ed (1 yrs) 01-06-2010 6
6 Mrs. Deepa A.Rajpurohit SSLC, TTC (6 months) 01-06-2010 6
7 Mrs. Sampada Pol B. Com, PPTE (1Yrs) 08-07-2013 3
8 Mrs. Smita H.Bhavsar BA, DECCE (1 yrs) 10-06-2001 15
10 Mrs. Kiran I.Jain BA, MTTC (6 months) 07-06-2001 15
11 Mrs. Prajakta.S.Mande BA, MTTC (6 months) 01-06-2009 7
12 Mrs.Uma R.Hadli BA, MTC( 1 Year) 07-06-2001 15
13 Mrs. Swapna M. Pandav B.Com,, PTTC (1 Year) 09-07-2012 4
14 Mrs. Himani A.Limaye MA. Music,MTTC 01-09-2007 9
15 Ms. Kshitija S. Borate BA, PPTTC (6 months) 01-06-2010 6
16 Mrs. Suwarna V. Ranaware BA, PPTTC (1 yrs) 01-06-2010 6
17 Mrs. Meenakshi V.Mahajan B.Sc, MTC, HTC (6 months) 01-06-2005 11
18 Mrs. Supriya S.Walhekar B.Com, MTTC (1 yrs) 01-06-2004 12
20 Mrs.Manisha V. Dhanawade  B.Com,MPM, TTC (1 yrs) 18-07-2003 13
21 Mrs.  Deepa A.Thole B.Com, LLB, PPTTC
(1 yrs)
01-06-2005 11
22 Mrs. Shilpa.M.Samudra B.Sc, TTC (1 yrs) 01-06-2010 6
23 Mrs.Urmila S. Nikam B.Com, ECCE 01-06-2002 14
24 Mrs.Neha S.Karmarkar  B.Com,, PPTTC (6 months)  09-07-2012 4
25 Mrs. Prateeksha D'souza T.Y B.Com MTTC 04-10-2013 3
26 Mrs. Pournima Navale 12th MTTC 01-12-2006 10
28 Mrs. Archana Keskar B.Com, MTTC  02-06-2003 3
29 Ms. Radhika Rajesh Raste 12th  TTC
02-06-2003 13
30 Mrs.Sujata Shedbale BSC, TTC 02-06-2014 2
31 Mrs. Supriya Borate S.Y. Bcom, PPTTC 02-06-2014 2
32 Mrs. Kalpana Yadav BSC,MTC 06-01-2004 2
33 Mrs. Usha Ahir SY B.com,MTC 06-01-2001 15
34 Mrs. Kalyani Ghayal BA,BPed,MTTC 20-06-2001 15
35 Mrs. Vandana Inamdar BHSC,DECE,DCA 07-06-2001 15 Yrs
36 Mrs. Charusheela Shetti B.Com, MPM, MTC. 25-07-2003 13 Yrs
37 Mrs. Swati Sompurkar SSC,MTC. 06-06-2003 13

Close academics

Oral Evaluation at the end of every month.

Oral and Written First Term end.

Oral and Written Second Term end.

Close academics