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Principal's Desk

Mr. Nirmal Kumar Mishra

“The pathway to educational excellence lies with in each school”

Sinhgad Public School provides a progressive, broad based and comprehensive education for both boys and girls. The school is the vision of Prof MN Navale, our Founder President and Dr (Mrs) Sunanda Navale, Founder Secretary who envisaged this institution as a seat of learning where every child will find holistic education and grow into a school with a global presence educating and equipping the children to meet the challenges of a fast changing world with equanimity.

Our dream is – shaping individuals for a better tomorrow and to make not just learned individuals, but better human beings.

The education imparted here is deeply rooted in Indian values, culture and tradition without ignoring the finer influences of the west. The school motto is “In pursuit of excellence”… It imbibes in our children a drive to strive and stretch beyond the limits and bounds of perfection.

Admissions : Qualifying Age

  • Under the RTE act we have 25% seats reserved for Mini KG.

Admission : Procedure

There would be a school visit for every child with parents seeking admission.

Admission : Documents required

Original Birth Certificate


10:30 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.

Fee Structure 2017-18
















  • Fees should be paid as specified in the fee structure.
  • Mode of payment: by DD.
  • No cash would be accepted.
  • Office hours for fees transaction: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on working days
  • Bus fees should be paid in advance.(Exact amount will be displayed on Notice Board)
  • The student carrying a Bus-Pass would only be allowed to board the school bus.
  • Admission will be confirmed after completion of the necessary office procedure and receipt of the fees.
  • Full fees have to be paid at the beginning of the Academic session(with in 30 days)
  • In case of late payment of fees beyond 30 days, 2.5% of the total fees will be charged.
  • The super-late fees will be levied up to a maximum of 5% of the fees, if the fees are delayed beyond 2 months.
  • Parents wishing to withdraw their children should notify their intention in writing. One month notice is required prior to withdrawal or one month fees in lieu of the notice period.

Activities & Celebrations

Independence Day


Fancy Dress Competition, 2015


The Pre – Primary Section: Mini KG , Jr KG and Sr. KG enacted as fruits, animals and great leaders on 14th September 2015. All Children dressed as per their themes. The theme for the competition was

  • Mini KG : Fruits & Vegetables
  • Jr KG : Animals
  • Sr. KG : Great Leaders or Saints

Children enjoyed the programme. Tiny tots performed par of excellence.
The programme was eye witnessed by our Principal NK Mishra Sir along with the teachers.

Christmas Celebration

Pre – Primary Staff and Children were blissful to celebrate the Christmas Eve in our school. Manger was decorated beautifully to mark the occasion. Santa visited our classes with great zeal and distributed sweets to the children. Our Principal Sir,Mr. NK Mishra wished all the children and staff Merry Christmas.

Annual Gathering


Sinhgad Public School Annual Gathering 2015-16 was held on 12th Dec 2015 (Saturday) at Amphi Theatre. The theme for the same was “JUNGLE”.
The Chief Guest for the programme was Dr. (Mrs.) Sunanda Navale (Founder Secretary, STES). Other dignitaries and Principal of all the institutes of Lonavala Campus were also present.
Around 500 students had participated and it was a great success and appreciated by all

Dahi Handi


Dahi Handi at SPS was celebrated with tremendous zeal and with sense of togetherness. They danced, formed the human pyramid and broke the pot. It was also celebrated by tiny tots of SPS colorful dress.


Bus Facility

The School owns fleet of school buses plying all over the Lonavala – Khandala town. Each bus driver/attendant is provided with cellular phone to facilitate communication. Each bus has an attendant to facilitate boarding and alighting of students.

Bus No

Main Bus Stop

Under Bus Stop


Lonavala,  Nagargaon, Valvan

Post Office (Lonavala)

Bara Bangla (Lonavala)

Nangargaon (ShriGarden Soc.)

Nangargaon (A1 Ice - Cream)

Nangargaon(Honda Showroom)

Nangargaon (Kavari Farm)

Valvan ( Gharkul Soc.)

Valvan(Yash Hospital )

Valvan (Ram Mandir )

Old Mumbai - Pune Highway

Old Mumbai - Pune Highway                                                                                                                                                                                              (Navaratna Soc.)                   




HP GAS Khopoli

Hanuman Mandir Khopoli

Ashray Hardware (Lon.)

Campus Clinic

A well – qualified and experienced medical staff is available on the school campus to provide necessary medical aid to the students. The school organizes the monthly medical check up and maintains the Health Report of each student.

Contact Us

Office contact number


E-mail Id


Principal sir’s contact number


E-mail Id


Close academics

Teaching in play way is based on Project Methodology. Project Methodology brings about an All Round Development. It covers the different areas of development. Every month a new project is planned. Using Web technique we plan activities that revolve around this project. Let us now see for eg. How a project Food we eat is planned according to Project Method.

Sinhgad Public School has its own colorful and graded Designer Books, for all subjects covered at pre -school level like English - My Language Book, Rhyme and songs book, Fun with patterns, ABC picture book

Maths - Fun with numbers (1 to 10), Kindergarten 123, EVS-My activity book, General knowledge, Introduction to the world of wild animals, flowers, fruits, vehicles, Art & Craft-Colouring Art and Craft , Hindi-Khel aur manoranjan, Rhymes book .

All the poems and rhymes are also given in musical form in a CD. All the project related stories told at school are also recorded in an Audio Visual CD.

This Syllabus is centralized for all branches of Sinhgad CBSE Schools.

Close academics

Learning in any new language takes place in 4 stages through Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. While the first 2 skills develop at home, the next two skills are developed in the school. The aim of any pre –school curriculum is therefore to develop children in the pre- reading and pre- writing skills, as well as to develop an awareness about themselves and their surroundings.

This is a very difficult job as the children entering the school at 2 ½ years in the Mini KG are like blank slates. Introduction to Alphabet, Numbers , Days of the week, Months of the year are all abstract concepts for them. The approach has to be from concrete to abstract, from known to unknown. The Play way Method is therefore the best way to plan the Curriculum for the preschoolers.

At “Sinhgad Public School” maximum effort is made to make learning a joyful experience by following the Playway Method to its core and make each concept interesting for learning .(For eg. before introducing letter ” A “ children will actually see many different objects beginning with the “phonic sound” of “A” like apple, axe, ant, alligator, ankle, ambulance etc. They will make body actions forming letter A, do Ariel writing of the letter saying a jingle “Up and Down with a line in between”, they will also color the letter and only then would call it as letter A of the alphabet. Games would be further played for letter recognition ,phonic sound recognition for reinforcing the abstract concept)..


Close academics

Sr.No Name of Employee Qualification Total Exp (Years)
1 Yashoda Deshmukh HSc, D.Ed. 05
2 Snehal Gaikwad B Com,MTTC 10
3 Manisha Bansode B.Sc. D.Ed. 03

Close academics

Assessments are continuously done on weekly , monthly & yearly basis. Orals & Dictation of spellings are assessed every week. EVS orals take place at the end of every month.

Academic evaluation is done at the end of every term.

We at Sinhgad Public School believe in an all round development of a child. Along with academic progress other areas of development are given equal importance. Physical development of gross and finer motors skills, cognitive development that covers the mental skills, attention span, Personality development, eating habits, studying habits, social skills, are also analyzed at the end of both terms.

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Close academics

Students & Parents contribute for each project of the new month through charts. Teachers put up Project Displays for topics like Vehicles/ Animals around us / Plant & Flowers /Sources & Uses of Water / Houses/ Food we eat.