First year of Engineering is a beginning of the Professional education for the newly admitted students. Many of these students stay in the hostel. They are really in need of Parental care. The institute has established a special department to first year Engineering students called Department of First-year Engineering (Department of FE). One of the main objectives of establishing this department is to give proper counseling to the students and make them comfortable and confident to face the transition phase of school education to professional education.

Our students have secured rank positions in the university merit list. We have 72% students who cleared FE University examination 2012-13 and 61% are with first class and first class with distinction. Each year our result of University examination is gradually increasing.

Through ‘Guardian-Teacher’ Scheme, attendance and academic performance of students is monitored and the report is sent to the parents regularly. Students’ counseling meetings are conducted weekly.

In F.E. we always get offered by parental care, personal coaching counseling, Inspiring guest lectures etc. The uniqueness is Parent teacher meet organized by department. Learning with modern techniques and making it more interesting is the identity.

- Ms. Bhagyashree


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First year of Engineering is the beginning of Professional education for the Fresher’s in the college. Many of them stay in the hostel and need emotional support to cope with the additional responsibility......

Prof. S. R. Deshpande,
Mrs. M. D. Joshi