Computers have become an indispensable part of our lives. For problems of any magnitude, computer gives vast opportunities for critical thinking and triggers the analytical process in a human mind. It is a versatile field that lends its services to almost every sphere of human.

As a branch of Engineering, a course in Computer Engineering helps the student to integrate their knowledge and skills along with intellectual logical thinking and contribute towards a better way of life for generation next.

My ward is studying in T.E. Comp. The faculties are lookingafter her like a parent and being her mentors. I am kept updated about the progress and shortcomings of my ward on regular basis. The development of my daughter after she joined the department has been remarkable.

- Mr. Sanjay Ikhe,


  • Basic Computing Laboratory
  • Unix Laboratory
  • Database Laboratory
  • Computer Networks Laboratory
  • Hardware Laboratory-I
  • Hardware Laboratory-II
  • Graphics Laboratory
  • Advanced Development Tools Laboratory
  • Post Graduate Lab
  • Project Lab-1
  • Project Lab-2
  • Sof tware Engineering Lab
  • Departmental Library
  • DEL Lab-I
  • DEL Lab-II


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Computer Engineers have revolutionized the whole world. They focus on the design of microprocessors, personal computer and supercomputer. The aim of the Computer department is to make competent computer engineers with a spirit of professionalism and responsible citizenship.....

Mrs. G. S. Navale