Chemical Engineers design, build and operate the plants to produce the materials such as petrol, plastics, process foods, fertilizers, paints, cement, paper and pharmaceuticals. Chemical Engineering is also involved in the development of new materials such as polymers, ceramics, composites, biomaterials and nano-materials.

The Department of Chemical Engineering was established in 1996, with 40 intake and increased to 60 in 2000. The department started postgraduate course, M.E. (Chemical Engineering) with 18 seats in 2004. The Ph.D research centre is functioning in the department since last five years.

In academic year 2012-13, two students from the department secured university rankers. Last year the B.E. result was 89.30 %. In last two year 15 students have been placed in core chemical engineering industries and noncore industries.

I am really proud of my son and thankful to you and your faculty at SCOE for guiding and motivating the students towards achieving the goal not only by studies but also through extracurricular activities.

- Mr. Sandeep Sanyal,
Country Logistics Manager, Sai Aerocean Logistics Pvt. Ltd.


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Chemical Engineering is serving as a ‘backbone’ for the entire spectrum of the process industry. Its direct involvement into the fields of petrochemicals, production of inorganic and organic chemicals, food processing industry and waste recycle has made its mark among the core engineering sciences. Lately, its entry into the multiple discipline of Environmental engineering, Energy conservation, Cosmetology and Biotechnology is paving new ways for advancement in science and technology.......

Dr. S. R. Shirsath