Mechanical Engineering is one of the basic branches of engineering, having major core areas like Automobiles, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Aircraft and Ship-building, Trains, War Machiner y, etc. No equipment or system can be manufactured / produced without the knowledge and assistance of mechanical engineering and hence the demand of mechanical engineers is ever growing in the market.

Our department has been accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi. We have a very strong team of experienced and qualified faculty members, who are devoted and highly motivated to not only teaching academics but to groom the students for their all-round development. For the benefit of the students, the department organizes large number of co-curricular and extracurricular activities such as industrial visits, project competitions, design & poster competitions, technical paper presentations, guest lectures on latest happenings, soft skills & personality evelopment, aptitude tests, mock interviews, games and sports competitions, entertainment activities, art exhibitions, etc. Also students are motivated and guided to participate in National level technical events arranged by SAE-INDIA, ISNEE, etc. Our student teams are consistently winning number of awards since 2009 in events like BAJA, SUPRA, QUAD-TORQ, GOKART and are recognized by media like ETV, SAAM TV and news papers like Maharashtra Times, Times of India and Indian Express.

Dr. Sandeep S. Kore


Faculty members in this department have


Years of TOTAL teaching experience


Years of TOTAL industry experience


Faculty Publications


  • ic engines & auTomobiLe
  • meTaLLurgy
  • basic mechanicaL engg.
  • fLuid machinery
  • appLied Thermodynamics
  • sTrengTh of maTeriaL
  • cad
  • precision engineering
  • cad/cam
  • refrigeraTion & air condiTioning
  • fLuid mechanics
  • mechaTronics
  • cae
  • Tom & dom
  • meTroLogy & QuaLiTy conTroL
  • heaT Transfer
  • research & deveLopmenT
  • worKshop
  • indusTriaL fLuid power