“Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought”

Albert Szent-Gorgyi, Hungarian Biochemist, Awarded Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1937

Rightly so, the Research Centre of SIOM aims at being ‘thinking intensive’ to generate a welter of different perspectives, to move from the known to the unknown. The Research activities undertaken are focused on reaching outcomes, that result into benefits for the learning community and society at large.

There are two full-fledged research cells. SIOM research unit is armed with 33 Ph.D. guides guiding an impressive number of 164 Scholars pursuing Doctorate at present. The various popular specializations available to researchers are: Computer Management; Finance Management; Human Resource Management; Marketing Management; Organisation Management; Production & Operation Management. Additional spread of areas, for which guidance & expertise is available range from Biometrics to Environment issues including E-pollution. The number of researchers who have recently secured Ph.D.’s are 15.

The research cell has also standardized procedures for administrative assistance at every step, to facilitate research activity leading to convincing completion. It also encourages, maintains, documents and updates the status of research conducted by faculty along with publications and presentations. Furthermore, it publishes its research papers in bi-annual journal titled “Sinhgad International Business Review” (SIBR) every year.

We have 2 Research Centers catering to 33 Ph.D. Guides and 164 Research Scholars working in the field of Management.

SIOM Research Center

Following are the current updates on SIOM Research Center
Name of Research Center
Sinhgad Institute of Management
Number of students who have been awarded Ph.D. Degree
Number of students pursuing Ph.D. Degree
* University has newly approved the admission of 111 Students wide their letter no. Ref. No. Pa.Pravesh/187
List of Specializations
1) Computer Mgt.
2) Finance Mgt.
3) Human Resource Mgt.
4) Marketing Mgt.
5) Organizational Mgt.
6) Production and Operation Mgt.
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Our Research Journals

  • Sinhgad International Business Review (SIBR)

    Sinhgad International Business Review (SIBR), is a scholarly, peer reviewed, biannual international journal published by Sinhgad Institute of Management, Pune.

    Sinhgad International Business Review (SIBR), publish scholarly research articles, case studies, doctoral synopsis, technical notes, book reviews.

    Visit SIBR journal

  • SIBAR Research Journal

    The journal deals with a diverse range of topics involving diverse areas of management. SIBAR Research Journal is a yearly, research journal at par with the top international journals on the subject. The vision of the journal is to bequeath with academic podium to researchers across the globe to publish their original, innovative, pragmatic and high quality research work. It accepts empirical and conceptual submissions that make a significant research contribution to the domain of finance, marketing, human resource management, commerce.