S.K.N. Sinhgad School of Business Mangement is established in the year 2010 under the aegis of Sinhgad Technical Education Society under the leadership of Prof. M. N. Navale and Dr. Mrs. Sunanda Navale.

S.K.N. Sinhgad School of Business Management offers 2 yrs. fultime MBA programme which is recognized by AICTE Delhi, affiliated to University of Pune and approved by Government of Maharashtra State.

A human mind is the most complex machine in nature and developing & training it requires a lot of effort. Since you are contemplating a career in Business Management, I am sure you are aware of the challenges that nations and Organizations are currently facing. If these organisations have to succeed, they would require managers who are competent, flexible and proactive. We at SKN SSBM strive to develop such managers...

Dr. Rajashree Shinde

“The time I spent at Sinhgad Management Institute influenced my work not only from the career perspective but also from personal perspective. During the two years it took for me to earn my Post Graduate Degree in Management, I was presented with the tools, the confidence, and the curiosity to make a successful professional career. The Institute and Faculty imbibe the right ATTITUDE that determines ALTITUDE. I would like to reflect upon the faculty at this magnificent institution. I have much admiration for the work they do, and it is this work and practical interaction with students, even alumni and industry experts, that makes me proud to credit all of my accomplishments to the steadfast efforts of SMI.”

- Jaydeep Sant,
Head of Business Development for OE sales, ,