Overall the students are quite good. Cipla

Students are optimistic and goal oriented Flamingo Pharmaceuticals

We need students like yours. GSK

Some of your students are above average. Eli Lilly

We would like to come here every year. Baxter

SCOP students are certain to excel any field. CadilaPharma

Best interface for us. Wockhardt Ltd

The overall personality of the students is well developed. Ranbaxy Laboratories

Good infrastructure and all round development of the all the students. Briocia

SCOP Students will surely perform excellently in any field. German Remedies

It's to be done every year. Cognizant

The College values the individual student, encourages each one, makes them responsible for their own studies, makes them work very hard, but in a supportive manner that is conducive to their feeling engaged and positive about the learning experience.

Last year, I finished my B. Pharm course, and SCOP has supported me to enjoy my Campus life more! As everyone knows, Campus life is quite challenging and enjoyable, especially at a Campus like Vadgaon, which enjoys a prestigious reputation around the state.

Sinhgad College of pharmacy gave me the knowledge and support to adapt to life in a industry. I chose SCOP for its high articulation rates to Pune University and splendid learning atmosphere, as well as teaching facilities.

The first thing that attracted me to SCOP is its rich learning environment through faculty having thorough experience in education and research. I got to know about my competence through its industry oriented course curriculum and sufficient exposure to the world of PharmaIndusty. It gives me ample satisfaction that my career in the field of Pharmacy has begun with full bash after getting job through Training and placement Cell.

I have been a part of SCOP since 2006 and it's a great journey since then. The B.Pharm Program provided me the solid financial background and research skills so that I am more effective in my profession. It gave me plenty of invaluable in developing my Research skills.

Studying at SCOP has been a most enriching experience. I would like to thank the faculty and STES management team for their professional guidance which provided me the requisite skills to do well in industry, and with the help of Training and placement Cell, last but not the least My College found the best in me, which lead me to the path of successful career in my life.

Its really very good experience being a student of SCOP. The faculty is really very good and the way they arrange faculty and the way faculty delivered the content was really good. so my overall experience is good and one liner for me for SCOP is full on package for study and Carrier growth.

Our daughter is very fortunate to be able to attend such a good college in a Pune city.

Our son, chose Sinhgad college of Pharmacy because of its unwavering commitment to the Core Curriculum, inclusive academic setting afforded by Pune University. Now, halfway though his goal of graduating with a bachelor's in Pharmacy from the College. He is obtaining the greatest value from a course of study that takes all of its inspiration from the Core Curriculum.

We believe that our daughter will look back on these four years as the happiest in her academic life. She loves being in a college that is situated in a cadgaon campus where so much is going on, and she is also surrounded by students who take their learning opportunities, both inside the classroom and out, very seriously.

I should thank you all for giving Olivia this unique opportunity to study and learn in a place where she is able to exploit her abilities and come back home with a big happy smile. We want to show our gratitude to the SCOP faculty because what they have given her cannot be measured by any means.

Our son's dearest wish was to study at Sinhgad College of Phramcy. As parents, there is nothing better than seeing one's child happy and fulfilled. He is thrilled with every aspect of his undergraduate experience and we are deeply grateful for this unparalleled educational, cultural, and growth opportunity.

My daughter is very happy at Columbia College. I am thankful for this great opportunity she has to learn amongst great educators and in such a stimulating and thriving environment.