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Compiled by: Mr. Nitin Pawaskar, Course Director

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EMF Radiation Safety
a must for all and particularly for children

Way back in 2011 the World Health Organization’s Agency IARC had sounded caution bells about the increasing levels of man-made EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Radiations. Now in 2021 with the increasing intensities of EMF we need to take maximum precautions.

These days we are all constantly surrounded by Radiations emitted by an array of Personal-use Electronic Devices – like Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Wifi-Routers, Smart Wearables etc. All of them emit EMF Radiations of varying intensity and penetrating power. It is worth noting that in case of most such gadgets the current Safety Standards are highly inadequate to protect the users from the ill-effects. In fact, a Court Hearing is presently on in the US for the suit filed by Environmental Health Trust against the Govt. Authority FCC for not updating the age-old Safety Standards for WiFi Electronic Devices.

Under the prevailing pandemic situation of ‘home schooling’ and ‘work from home’ all are getting exposed to Radiations like never before. Many scientific research studies have demonstrated that a number of negative health effects can result from such exposure. The risks can range from simple to complex health problems ... the list is long. In this context the advisories coming from the national as well as international agencies such as American Academy of Paediatrics are worth taking cognizance of and implementing them on priority.

Radiation Safety for Children

Simply put, using the same cell phone/tab, in the same position, for the same length of time affects a child more adversely than an adult. Why do children face greater health risks? The answer lies in the image below:

Child’s Exposure to EMF Radiation occurs during his/her own usage of smart devices as well as while being in the proximity of other persons using the same. Hence both need careful monitoring.

Although EMF Radiation Protection is critical for children it is important for everyone in the house, young and old alike. The Personal-use Electronic Devices like Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Wifi-Routers, Smart Wearables etc. all can significantly influence our health depending on “how and how long we use these devices”.

1. Laptop

Despite their name, Laptops are not meant for laps. The EMF Radiations emitted by a Laptop can reach an intensity as high as 100 milliGauss. Compare it with the EMF Radiation under a High Voltage Power Line, which is proven to be a health hazard, falls in the range of 10-70 milliGauss.


  • Always keep the Laptop on a desk or a surface at a distance of more than 20 cm between the Laptop and the user as well as persons nearby.
  • When connected to the Internet, a Laptop emits high level of radiations. Hence whenever not required, disconnect the Internet on the Laptop.
  • Still higher intensity radiations are emitted when streaming Videos. So educate the kids and all others that whenever possible, at least for entertainment purpose, use a TV Screen which is much safer.
  • When you are working with your Laptop, children should not be in the proximity unless needed, for instance while tutoring sitting next to you.
  • For Internet Access use Shielded Ethernet Broad Band connection instead of Dongles or Cell Phones which constantly emit massive radiations of their own all around. This has a compounding effect with the Laptop’s own radiations.
  • Dongles/Cell Phones connected for Internet Access should be placed as far away as possible, using 10-15 feet long USB cables. Further they are from you the lesser will be your exposure when you are surfing the Web.

2. Tablets

Cellular (Calling) Tablets emit the same kind of EMF Radiations as the Cell Phones. Non-Cellular Tablets operating in local WiFi/Bluetooth network emit less EMF but during their long/wrong usage, the Cumulative Quantum of Radiations they emit can give rise to adverse health issues.



Instead of holding the Tab in hand or resting it on chest/stomach/lap keep it on a Table.

Or better still, use a ‘Tablet Stand’. You can thus keep the Tablet further away from your body and sit with proper posture, especially while watching the Tablet for long periods. Increasing the distance between your head and your Tab is also better for the eyes.

3. Cell Phones

Cell Phone uses cellular network like 4G/5G. To be able to connect with the nearest tower, even in low network areas up to a distance of 45 miles (72 km), a Cell Phone has to generate massive amount of EMF. Keeping this in mind we need to take many precautions.


  • Cell Phone manufacturers in their operating instructions manual state that while talking on your phone keep the phone at least 1 inch (25mm) away from your head - the farther away the better it is.
  • Cell Phones emit their highest radiation levels during phone calls especially during Video Calls and when the signal is weak/fluctuating. So every time you make a call put the phone somewhere away from the body like on a table/any platform and use Wired Headphones or Speaker Mode.
  • Make the calls short and as far as possible restrict Video Calls.
  • Use text messaging as the first option.
  • Avoid carrying your phone close to the body like in your pocket because then the amount of radiation you are absorbing can exceed the safe level. So carry it in a bag/purse or switch it to Airplane Mode.
  • If you plan to watch a video on your phone, download it first, then switch to Airplane mode while you watch in order to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure.
  • Keep an eye on signal strength (i.e. how many bars you have). Weaker the signal, the harder your phone has to work and the more radiation it gives off. It's better to wait for a stronger signal before using the device. Avoid making calls in cars, elevators, trains, and buses. Cell phone works harder to get a signal through metal, so the EMF level shoots up.
  • At night, if you need to use your cell phone as an alarm clock, keep it several feet away from your body. It’s even better if you turn your phone off and use a traditional alarm clock.

4. Wearable Smart Devices

Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers, Sports Watches, Smart Jewellery ...
All emit radiations even when they are not active. The intensity may be low but they are tied right on the body and may stay there for a long time which causes concern about the cumulative exposure, that amplifies long-term health risks.


  • Ensure that the wearables are of a trusted brand.
  • Wear them only when required and as a routine keep them in Airplane Mode
  • Use an Anti-Radiation Cover

5. Keep the Sleeping Areas Scrupulously Free of EMF Sources:

Since we spend a fair amount of time sleeping and it is the only time for the body to recoup/repair/grow, it is especially important to protect yourself and family from EMF Radiations during the night. Remove all wireless devices from the sleeping areas or deactivate their Wi-Fi feature at night. Turn Off all Cell Phones/Tabs/Dongles or keep them in Airplane mode.

Easy Ways to Safeguard:

  • LIMIT the usage of EMF-generating devices to ESSENTIAL. Don’t buy Smart Stuff you really don’t need. Judiciously choose the devices you need and when & how long you will use them during a day.
  • MAXIMIZE the Distance Between You and the EMF Sources while they are in use: What is a Safe Distance? The answer is ‘Every Inch Matters’. As per the Inverse Square Law the intensity of EMF Radiation reduces exponentially with distance.
    If the distance between you and the EMF Source is doubled, your exposure will get slashed down to 25%. Even a few millimetres will reduce the health risks significantly.
    Keep all WiFi Devices as Far Away as Possible and Turn them Off as soon as their use is over.
  • SWAP WIRELESS - Internet Access Dongles/Sticks, Keyboards, Mouse etc. For WIRED COUNTERPARTS.

Final Thoughts:

While modern technology is welcome, it is not always 100% safe. We may overlook the fact that all electronic devices, big or small, that connect ‘wireless’ are a source of EMF Radiations. They impact not only the user but the whole household. Keep them at a safe distance, limit their usage for essential purpose and for minimum necessary time. We must objectively consider their Benefits to Cost Ratio and avoid situations where the health costs are high but benefits are meagre.